Projects Archive

Things I've made during the past few years - watch my soldering, woodworking & electrical safety improve in fast-forward!

Hyperlite Flowride [2/2] (2018)

The second of my two 5" Flowrides, this one went much better.

iFlight RC XL7 (2018)

First 7" build, flew better than expected once the HQ triblades came out.

Hyperlite Flowride [1/2] (2018)

The first of my two 5" Flowrides, this one didn't go according to plan.

FrSky Rover (2018)

A simple tracked RC rover with Arduino, Adafruit motor shield & FrSky RC receiver via PWM

TABAQ TL (2018)

A pair of TABAQ quarter-wave transmission line cabinets with 3" Tang Band drivers for my TV

360° Camera Miniquad (2017)

Precariously mounting a 360° camera to a 6" FPV quadcopter

GEPRC GEP-MX3 (2017)

Transplanted the components from an Owl style frame I didn't much like onto this nice little GEP

Armattan F1-6 (2017)

An old-school 6" FPV quad build

YMR 250 (2017)

Converting my ZMR 250 into a Y4

Tarot 650 Sport (2017)

A bigger, semi-autonomous quad for heavy lift

Wooden Dowel quad (2017)

A quad made from spare electronics & wooden dowels from the local hardware store

Realacc X210 (2016)

A budget racer-style quad build

Tricopter (2016)

RCExplorer Tricopter v4

Beach amp (2016)

A quick & dirty portable amp build using a Sure Electronics board & a pair of 3S LiPo batteries in series

Lantian LT210 (2016-17)

My first 'decent' quad, which I've now been flying in one form or another for over a year

Diatone/HobbyKing FPV 250 (2016)

The first quad I ever flew FPV with <3

ZMR 250 (2016)

The first quad I bought

THAM 12 sub (2015)

A THAM 12 tapped horn PA sub with a PD.12SB30 driver

Mirrorshades (2013-14)

Part of my PhD research, first proper encounter with 3D printing

FreeNAS build (2012-)

My FreeNAS build which required some attention from a Dremel for the IBM/LSI card to fit

3" Tang Band speakers (2012)

A partially successful attempt at designing & building mid/high cabinets using 3" fullrange Tang Band drivers

8" reflex sub (2012)

A reflex sub for home/bedroom use, using a cheap 8" Tang Band driver, designed/simulated in SketchUp & WinISD

TDA8920 BTH sub amp (2011)

A cheap sub amp using a bridged TDA8920 BTH board

LM3886 Gainclone amps (2011)

A pair of LM3886 Gainclone amps, originally built as physically separate monoblocks then retrofitted into a single 3U enclosure

Sure Electronics TK2050 amp (2010)

A stereo amplifier project based around a TK2050 board from Sure Electronics, with a separate linear power supply

Boomcase (2009)

A boombox built using an old flight case, a Sure Electronics amp board, a lead acid battery & a pair of car speakers