Projects Archive

Things I've made during the past few years - watch my soldering, woodworking & electrical safety improve in fast-forward!

FrSky Rover (2018)

A simple tracked RC rover with Arduino, Adafruit motor shield & FrSky RC receiver via PWM

TABAQ TL (2018)

A pair of TABAQ quarter-wave transmission line cabinets with 3" Tang Band drivers for my TV

360° Camera Miniquad (2017)

Precariously mounting a 360° camera to a 6" FPV quadcopter

GEPRC GEP-MX3 (2017)

Transplanted the components from an Owl style frame I didn't much like onto this nice little GEP

Armattan F1-6 (2017)

An old-school 6" FPV quad build

YMR 250 (2017)

Converting my ZMR 250 into a Y4

Tarot 650 Sport (2017)

A bigger, semi-autonomous quad for heavy lift

Wooden Dowel quad (2017)

A quad made from spare electronics & wooden dowels from the local hardware store

Realacc X210 (2016)

A budget racer-style quad build

Tricopter (2016)

RCExplorer Tricopter v4

Beach amp (2016)

A quick & dirty portable amp build using a Sure Electronics board & a pair of 3S LiPo batteries in series

Lantian LT210 (2016-17)

My first 'decent' quad, which I've now been flying in one form or another for over a year

Diatone/HobbyKing FPV 250 (2016)

The first quad I ever flew FPV with <3

ZMR 250 (2016)

The first quad I bought

THAM 12 sub (2015)

A THAM 12 tapped horn PA sub with a PD.12SB30 driver

Mirrorshades (2013-14)

Part of my PhD research, first proper encounter with 3D printing

FreeNAS build (2012-)

My FreeNAS build which required some attention from a Dremel for the IBM/LSI card to fit

3" Tang Band speakers (2012)

A partially successful attempt at designing & building mid/high cabinets using 3" fullrange Tang Band drivers

8" reflex sub (2012)

A reflex sub for home/bedroom use, using a cheap 8" Tang Band driver, designed/simulated in SketchUp & WinISD

TDA8920 BTH sub amp (2011)

A cheap sub amp using a bridged TDA8920 BTH board

LM3886 Gainclone amps (2011)

A pair of LM3886 Gainclone amps, originally built as physically separate monoblocks then retrofitted into a single 3U enclosure

Sure Electronics TK2050 amp (2010)

A stereo amplifier project based around a TK2050 board from Sure Electronics, with a separate linear power supply

Boomcase (2009)

A boombox built using an old flight case, a Sure Electronics amp board, a lead acid battery & a pair of car speakers