Projects Archive

Some of the things I've made over the years.
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Boombox (2021)

A speaker cabinet that ended up being just slightly more than my original vision called for.

Macro Y6 multirotor drone frame (2021)

A development of my macro quad frame, this time for tricopter/Y6 builds.

M5Stack ESP32 Camera Stand (2021)

A simple but effective stand for one of the M5Stack ESP32 fisheye camera modules.

Macroquad multirotor drone frame (2021)

A fully custom carbon design that uses regular aluminium box section for arms, designed for component & payload flexibility.

Behringer Model D stand (2021)

A simple desktop stand for the Model D, which allows cables coming out the Keystep to pass underneath.

IKEA dining table workbench light (2021)

A proper overhead light for my workbench, using 20mm aluminium box section, shelf brackets & 24V 2835 LED tape.

XT60 to USB-C PD3.0 charger (2021)

A car lighter socket charger with 60W PD3.0 USB-C + two 18W QC3.0 USB-A outputs, transplanted into a new case with a well braced XT60E1-M input.

TABAQ TL speakers (2021)

Re-built the TABAQ speakers I use with my TV, this time cutting the wood myself instead of relying upon a shoddy online service.

Wireless 16x2 LCD (2021)

A simple stand or base for an old 16x2 LCD + ESP8266, to display sensor data from Adafruit IO.

Better home automation/IoT with MQTT (2021)

Improved upon my previous designs with more accurate sensors & better thermal separation.

Workbench mini organiser shelves (2020)

I love these tiny organisers, but always ended up wanting the one at the very bottom of the stack.

Desktop speaker stands/wedges (2020)

My old foam ones were too big & didn't have enough uptilt, so I tried doing some bevel cuts with the tracksaw.

Raspberry Pi + Peli case ground control station (2020)

A ground station computer for running Ardupilot's Mission Planner software out in the field.

IKEA Helmer 'workshop cart' (2020)

IKEA hacking like it's 2006 & a good excuse for more track saw practice.

3U 19" studio rack (2020)

A 3U 19" studio rack for my hifi amp & active crossover. First time using a track saw.

Eachine FPV goggle conversion (2020)

I thought the board in the Eachine EV800DM would make for a great pocket FPV monitor, so set about designing a case & experimenting with some basic locating joints.

LM3886 Gainclone 2.1 amplifier (2020)

An attempt to downsize my previous 2.1 amp solution, only partly successful as I ended up keeping the crossover separate (hence the large empty space).

Home automation/IoT with MQTT (2020)

Using <$3 ESP8266 WiFi microcontrollers + MQTT for relay control & environmental monitoring with Adafruit IO.

Everycopter multirotor drone hub system (2019)

My update to Flite Test's 2013 Anycopter platform & my first time getting carbon fibre CNC work done in China.

TABAQ TL speakers (2018)

A pair of TABAQ TL quarter-wave transmission line speakers with 3" Tang Band drivers for my TV.

Beach amplifier (2016)

A quick & dirty portable amp build using a Sure Electronics board & a pair of 3S LiPo batteries in series.

THAM 12 subwoofer (2015)

A THAM 12 tapped horn PA sub with a PD.12SB30 driver.

Mirrorshades (2013-14)

Part of my PhD research & my first proper encounter with 3D printing.

FreeNAS build (2012)

My original FreeNAS build, which required some attention from a Dremel for the IBM/LSI card to fit.

3" Tang Band speakers (2012)

A partially successful attempt at designing & building mid/high cabinets using 3" fullrange Tang Band drivers.

8" reflex subwoofer (2012)

A reflex sub for home/bedroom use, using a cheap 8" Tang Band driver. Designed in SketchUp & simulated in WinISD.

TDA8920 BTH subwoofer amp (2011)

A cheap sub amp using a bridged TDA8920 BTH board.

LM3886 Gainclone amplifier (2011)

A pair of LM3886 Gainclone amps, originally built as physically separate monoblocks then retrofitted into a single 3U enclosure.

Sure Electronics TK2050 amplifier (2010)

A stereo amplifier project based around a TK2050 board from Sure Electronics, with a separate linear power supply.

Boomcase (2009)

A boombox built using an old flight case, a Sure Electronics amp board, a lead acid battery & a pair of car speakers.