Индустар-50/Industar-50 Post-Servicing

Had a few shots left on a roll of Fuji Neopan 1600 from Morocco, so I loaded it into my Зоркий-4/Zorki-4 (another Soviet rangefinder like the FED-2, can’t remember if I’ve written about it before) & put the Индустар-50/Industar-50 that I cleaned of fungus a while ago on it.

Obviously 1600 was complete overkill for the lighting conditions, but it came out okay & there’s a certain nice feeling about using a lens you’ve dismantled & serviced yourself, it makes the whole process feel a bit more ‘personal’.


This is what happens when you expose part of a roll in one camera, then transfer it to another camera but forget how many shots you’ve already taken… Because the Rollei B 35 (the first camera) loads film the other way up than most larger cameras (it has canister on the right, take-up spool on the left) the images aren’t even the same way up. Even better is that the first half of the roll was shot over 3.5 years ago! Don’t get this on digital ;)