Covent Garden at Christmas [Re-scan]

I rescanned the Covent Garden photo I took back in 2011 & originally scanned with the CanoScan 9000F, this time using the Epson V600 & producing a much better result. Whether that’s because the Epson is actually better or I simply chose more appropriate options is open to debate though!





Random Snapsh!ts

I think when I first got the Biogon I decided to take photos of foliage simply to see whether the lens was as sharp as people raved. Of course when scanned on a flatbed it’s not like I can really judge…


Playing with some programmable logic teaching aid thing.


Then to the pub again.




And more flash in the pub, but which somehow ended up on this roll instead of with the others.



And two more shots that came out of the Yashica Mat at some point during its broken-ness.



Water Break-its-Neck

A wonderfully named waterfall in Radnor Forest. My parents moved to the area a few years ago & I took these on the Yashica Mat when I visited them last summer (& discovered just how faulty the ‘Mat actually is!).



Just for fun I stuck both of the above into Photoshop’s photomerge & the result wasn’t awful…


Yashica Mat 124 G test roll (own development!)

I got a bit obsessed with the gorgeous big viewfinders of TLRs so I grabbed myself a Yashica Mat 124 G on eBay from a guy in Nepal (couldn’t quite afford a Rolleiflex…).

I shot a test roll in London back in December, hence the Christmas theme, but only just got round to developing it myself in the darkroom at the Students’ Union. It was my first time developing medium format but it went surprisingly well until I dropped the negatives onto the dirty floor whilst hanging them up to dry…

This is definitely my favorite of the bunch, taken at Covent Garden, 1 second exposure with the camera rested on the handrail.

Not sure if I like this composition as much.

I found the waist-level viewfinder to be much more stable than an eye-level viewfinder on an SLR though, so I managed this shot of the London Eye after dusk without camera shake ruining it – must’ve been 1/8th or slower.

The carousel proved more tricky though – it was too dark for a short enough exposure to freeze the movement, but I couldn’t hand hold a long enough exposure to blur it sufficiently.

These were developed in Ilfotec HC diluted 1+31, using vinegar for stop because the darkroom were out of proper stop chemical, 4 inversions per minute. I scanned them on a Canon CanoScan 9000F which my advisor has in his office & doesn’t mind me borrowing – much better results than my last solution!

I suspect the large amount of dust is largely due to me dropping them on the floor… will have to be more careful next time!