Bandai Elenor Camuel (Phantasy Star Online)

So HLJ had a sale…


And I nostalgia’d hard when I saw a character from PSO, a game that I spent (too) much time playing during highschool.


Huge amount of accessories (this is one of two blisters) – handgun, rifle (with interchangeable photon bits), saber, 6x meseta each with individual stands, rare item with stand, mag, crate…


Even a speech bubble with tall stand & a bunch of text stickers so you can pose just like chatting in the game ^^


Yup, got it. I can handle pictures & arrows.


First figure from Bandai & *very* impressed by the superb quality – the die-cast metal joints are leagues ahead of figma/revoltech, but I guess the original list price was much higher too (but not after 50%+ off HLJ-style~).


These shot with old Pentax 50mm 1.7 with a cheapo adapter for the NEX. Had to be careful not to go full bokeh~


I still suck at posing poseable figures too, it seems >.< DSC01321

Raisin Monday Foam Fight 2009 (56k warning)

Totally only 8 months late. Turned out you had to have a pass to get into the quad itself for taking photographs, so I resorted to taking photos of people as they went in & came out. The ones on the way in were all taken with the SMC Pentax M 50mm f1.7 (~77mm equivalent) whilst when they were coming out I was stuck behind the crowd so stood on top of a planter with the Mitsuki 135mm f2.8 (~208mm equivalent). Vertical grip came in so handy, my arms would’ve been dropping off if I didn’t have it!