f/1.1 Colour snapsh!ts

In which I remember that Portra 400 shot at box speed is just too slow. One day I will invest in some C41 equipment & experiment with pushing colour, but not yet.

Little exhibition PhotoSoc had at a local coffee shop last year.


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Boston colour snapsh!ts

I shot a roll of Portra & a roll of Velvia whilst in Boston, these are from the Porta. The negatives came back from Peak Imaging rather messy/dusty :/

As a Computer Scientist I couldn’t travel to Boston & not visit MIT. Unfortunately the only day I had free to go was a Sunday & being outside of (undergraduate) term time as well the whole place was a bit of a ghost town!

Standard blackboard fare in the Stata Center.


Outside the Stata Center; I have some from the other side of the building on the Velvia which I haven’t scanned yet.




I walked past Simmons Hall as well, which is one of the undergraduate residence halls at MIT. I absolutely adore the architecture; it has about 5,500x little square windows (gaining the building the nickname ‘the Sponge’) with each single room having about 9x windows. I didn’t actually realise until I saw it in person that the windows have coloured accents on the outside (although I suppose this might be a recent addition).







I was in Boston for a conference (not hosted at MIT, incidentally) & the ‘social event’ was a sunset harbour cruise. I ended up with too many very similar shots, but I was glad I took an extra to get the plane’s takeoff timed in front of the Sun.


Had to switch to the f/1.1 at this point (up to now this post was entirely with the Biogon) which evidently has fairly prominent vignetting which is obvious in these shots where the background isn’t dark like the previous two posts.