2015 Consumerism

I bought some nice film cases from Japan Camera Hunter (aka Bellamy Hunt) around this time last year & whilst I loved the idea I’ve found that 10x rolls is simply too much to carry in my bag. Even if I’m going on a trip for several days, I would only use the 10x cases as far as the hotel room & would then decant a smaller number into something else to actually carry around each day.

Then last week I discovered that Bellamy has released a ‘half’ sized version that holds 5x rolls! Once again, shipping was the same price for up to 3x cases & there were 3x colours so…



They happen to be the perfect size to fit into one of the front pockets of my new Billingham Hadley Small (this one is sage fibrenyte with chocolate leather).


Yes, Billinghams are almost laughably expensive, but so far this is the only camera bag I’ve owned that I didn’t immediately find at least one annoying flaw/niggle with (& I’ve owned Tenba, Timbuk2, Crumpler & Think Tank) so if it lasts for as long as people claim they do then I reckon it was a justifiable expense. Or at least that’s how I’m fooling myself.


I also got a frame made for one of the shots I took at Covent Garden a few months back. I get frames from Picture Frames Express, you can order them to whatever frame/mount dimensions you want (down to the mm) which is great if you’ve cropped an image to some ‘non standard’ aspect ratio.


Japan Camera Hunter film cases

Grabbed myself some of Bellamy’s new film cases & couldn’t resist a few posed hipster-style photos. I ended up getting 3x because shipping was the same price.


I bought the yellow case a few years back from 7dayshop (aka 70dayshop). It’s designed for 6x rolls of 135 but conveniently fits 4x rolls of 120 too. It’s also curved to fit nicely in your pocket, but then again you wouldn’t want your precious film next to all that body heat…


All the cool hipster kids have stickers on their’s & I want to be a cool kid, right?


IIRC the idea came from the cases that Fuji used to sell 10x packs of their pro range films in?