Japan Camera Hunter film cases

Grabbed myself some of Bellamy’s new film cases & couldn’t resist a few posed hipster-style photos. I ended up getting 3x because shipping was the same price.


I bought the yellow case a few years back from 7dayshop (aka 70dayshop). It’s designed for 6x rolls of 135 but conveniently fits 4x rolls of 120 too. It’s also curved to fit nicely in your pocket, but then again you wouldn’t want your precious film next to all that body heat…


All the cool hipster kids have stickers on their’s & I want to be a cool kid, right?


IIRC the idea came from the cases that Fuji used to sell 10x packs of their pro range films in?


Colour film in black & white chemicals

I usually leave such things to the hipsters, but instead of paying £10+ to have developed the 3x exposed rolls of colour negative film that resulted from handing a Mju II to friends in the pub one night I figured I would dunk them in Ilfotec HC & see what happened. Possibly the shoddiest dev job I’ve done so far, but I wasn’t exactly expecting great results so didn’t bother being too careful not to touch the emulsion & just guessed at ‘about 4-6 minutes’. All things considered the results weren’t dreadful!

Some of them came out with prominent blue tints (easily addressed in Lightroom) but as it was only some of them & not entire rolls I suspect the scanner or scanning software got confused on some frames & was the cause.

You can decide for yourself why he’s holding a boxed light bulb over his head.

At one point I apparently let a(n inebriated) friend use my NEX 5N + Zeiss Biogon 2/35 ZM, which in hindsight probably wasn’t the best idea even though it was insured!

Turned out that one of the rolls also had some truly hipsterific shots taken with an APS-C 18-55mm kitlens on a 35mm body. Vignetting is insta-art, right?