Wooden Dowel Quadcopter Drone

I realised one evening that I had enough spare/unused electronics for another entire quad build, but no frame. So the following morning I went to the hardware store & bought a piece of 12mm square hardwood dowel & to make myself a frame the ‘old fashioned’ way.

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THAM 12 Subwoofer Build

Toward the end of 2013 I was getting the itch to build something & I decided upon a THAM 12 tapped horn PA subwoofer, a design from Martinsson.

I ordered the wood as a flat pack from Tim Malone on the Speakerplans forums, who runs speaker-cabinets.co.uk dealing in CNC loudspeaker cabinets (both flat pack & assembled/finished).


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DIY Minirig using Minirig packaging…

So I still had the nice sturdy tube that my Minirig Sub came in, as well as a pair of Tang Band W3-871C drivers… I had an idea & just went with it…

The surprising part is that it doesn’t sound completely terrible! The drivers are wired in parallel with one out-of-phase for a quasi-isobaric design, as I figured it would sound (more) terrible otherwise.