Photogrammetry with a Lightbox

Another first for me, trying my hand at photogrammetry for some artefacts excavated from the Udal wheelhouses on North Uist. Setup was a cheap lightbox from Amazon, a pair of cheapy 125W 5400k lights one on each side (a third on top would’ve been great, but I didn’t have access to a suitable stand) & a cheapy LED panel on top of the camera. There’s a lazy susan underneath the paper so I could rotate each artefact without having to touch it. Haven’t had time to actually put the images through VisualSFM yet, but I think they came out okay.


I knew the angled head part of my tripod would come in handy one day :)


Many thanks to Beverley Ballin Smith for bringing the artefacts across & allowing me to photograph them, as well as to the Western Isles Council & the Crawford Archive.

North Uist Panoramas – Udal

This first one is from a ‘wheelhouse‘ (so called because the walls of the rooms look like the spokes of a wheel if viewed from above) from the Udal site at the North of the island, which was excavated over many years.

07 Coileagan An Udal (wheelhouse at Udal)

This second one is a nearby midden where you can see the layers of limpet shells in the wall of sand.

08 Midden at Udal

If you click this Roundme image it will load the space & let you click between the 2x different panoramas & drag them with your mouse/finger to look around. Once it’s loaded you can double click to go fullscreen (highly recommended).