St Andrews RAG Week 2016 – Catwalk

Hadn’t planned to take any photos of the actual show – if I had I wouldn’t have been stuck shooting 50mm f/1.1 @ ISO 3200 with no flash… But hey, worth a try!


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CAM-in cotton wrist straps

I’ve never really been a fan of neck straps. With the exception of waist-level viewfinder cameras I never really find myself putting a neck strap around my neck & instead awkwardly wrap them around my wrist.

The entire time I used my NEX-5N I had the cheapy wrist strap from a Canon S95 (which got stolen) attached to it & that cheapy strap made the transition to my a6000. In the name of consumerism I decided I would try a nicer & comfier wrist strap so after a recommendation from IRC I ended up with one of the CAM-in cotton wrist straps.


I liked it enough to get one for the Bessa as well :)


Strobes & Selfies

I decided it was time for a new headshot, as my last one was over 4 years old.

Last time I only had an old flashgun to play with, which I ended up bouncing off the ceiling with a reflector held in front of my chest to take out some of the shadows beneath nose/brow/etc.

This time I had a set of studio strobes to play with, which were a present from a friend when she moved back to Canada. I experimented with a few different setups but ended up using a single strobe with a softbox on the left, reflector on the right, white/grey background behind me.


Ideally I maybe would’ve tried to introduce a second light as a hair light & maybe the third to give the background more of a gradient, but the space was too small & I could only run the strobes down to 1/8th power so it was soon just too much light.

Anyway, I don’t think it came out too badly for my first time trying to use studio strobes. Especially considering I was using a self timer so couldn’t actually compose anything properly!