North Uist Archaeology 360

An installation featuring my North Uist photospheres, accompanied by English/Gaelic narration & original musical compositions that I recorded, plus drone footage from Uist Film, is now open at the Taigh Chearsabhagh Museum & Arts Centre. So if you happen to find yourself in the Outer Hebrides in the next few weeks, do have a look. Maybe buy a book :)

North Uist 360

But fear not if your travel plans for May/June do not include remote islands off the cost of Scotland, as the installation shall live on in a smaller form as part of the larger archaeology exhibition that runs throughout the whole summer!


Photogrammetry with a Lightbox

Another first for me, trying my hand at photogrammetry for some artefacts excavated from the Udal wheelhouses on North Uist. Setup was a cheap lightbox from Amazon, a pair of cheapy 125W 5400k lights one on each side (a third on top would’ve been great, but I didn’t have access to a suitable stand) & a cheapy LED panel on top of the camera. There’s a lazy susan underneath the paper so I could rotate each artefact without having to touch it. Haven’t had time to actually put the images through VisualSFM yet, but I think they came out okay.


I knew the angled head part of my tripod would come in handy one day :)


Many thanks to Beverley Ballin Smith for bringing the artefacts across & allowing me to photograph them, as well as to the Western Isles Council & the Crawford Archive.

Shooting Spherical Panoramas in the Outer Hebrides

Through a strange set of circumstances I am spending the best part of 3 months this summer (the time between submitting my PhD thesis & having the viva exam) living & working in the Outer Hebrides, specifically the isle of North Uist. I am working with Taigh Chearsabhagh, a museum/arts centre in Lochmaddy (the largest settlement on North Uist) to first of all produce spherical panoramas of archaeological sites around the island for part of an exhibition next year.


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