FED-2 + ЮПИТЕР-12/Jupiter-12 Snapsh!ts

A bunch of snapsh!ts taken on Tri-X 400 with the FED-2 & the 35mm Jupiter-12. All shot without a lightmeter using Sunny 16. Some people say that if you’re going to shoot with Sunny 16 a lot it helps to stick with one film so that you get to know it, so I’m probably going to stick with Tri-X in my meter-less cameras.

Despite the fact that the lens essentially has its own built-in hood & is a coated version, it still seems to flare. Either that or the body isn’t as light-tight as I thought it was…

Not entirely sure why a lot of the shots came out with so much dust on them.

400 speed film at f/2.8 seems to be just about enough for the sort of dim light in the lab.

Can’t tell if this is Hamish (famous cat about town) or just another cat.

Never did work out why this shot is darker in a band at the bottom… FED-2 shutter moves horizontally, so it can’t be a slow/sticking shutter.

Didn’t quite know how to expose this one.

Thought this was a tiny bit funny.

Somebody had the great idea of categorising all of our final year dissertations into how well they were going to grade. I won’t say which one mine is.

Bit of vanity.

I went out at dusk & completely screwed up the exposure. This one looks somewhat surreal.

Whereas this one I was hoping to blow out the highlights & get more detail in the shadows.

You know you should do some washing up when it wouldn’t have fitted in the shot with a 50mm…

I had the camera wound on & prefocused for f/16 when this bird jumped out in front of me, but it was far too dark for f/16 so I tried to quickly open up & refocus, but wasn’t quite quick enough.

Not sure whether this is flare or leaking. I’ll just call it ‘lomography’.


I recently sold the ЮПИТЕР-9 that I never really got around to using & being the sensible person that I am I immediately put the money in the bank for a rainy day. Only joking, I bought a ЮПИТЕР-12 for my current Former Soviet Union rangefinder fad instead.

The ЮПИТЕР-12 is a copy of the pre-war Zeiss Biogon, but you find out all that information via Google if you’re interested. Depth-of-field is ridiculous; at f/16 the entire range from 1m-∞ is in focus. I had to bend the rangefinder arm of my FED-2 upwards to clear the edge of the rear element’s housing but that’s a common issue. Mounts fine on my Zorki-4 with no modifications.

I’m not planning on taking it off the FED in a long time, very paranoid about scratching that ludicrously protruding rear element (photo stolen from the ebay auction).