Индустар-50/Industar-50 Post-Servicing

Had a few shots left on a roll of Fuji Neopan 1600 from Morocco, so I loaded it into my Зоркий-4/Zorki-4 (another Soviet rangefinder like the FED-2, can’t remember if I’ve written about it before) & put the Индустар-50/Industar-50 that I cleaned of fungus a while ago on it.

Obviously 1600 was complete overkill for the lighting conditions, but it came out okay & there’s a certain nice feeling about using a lens you’ve dismantled & serviced yourself, it makes the whole process feel a bit more ‘personal’.

Servicing lenses

There’s nothing like completely dismantling 1950’s Soviet lenses for servicing to relax on a Tuesday night! I’ve already done this to a 1959 Индустар-26M to clean off the old tractor grease that had begun to turn solid & replace it with some nice new white lithium grease, but tonight’s Индустар-50 was the first time that I’ve actually dismantled the optics & cleaned each individual element.

The rings are soaking in a certain soft drink over night to clean them up nicely ;)