I recently sold the ЮПИТЕР-9 that I never really got around to using & being the sensible person that I am I immediately put the money in the bank for a rainy day. Only joking, I bought a ЮПИТЕР-12 for my current Former Soviet Union rangefinder fad instead.

The ЮПИТЕР-12 is a copy of the pre-war Zeiss Biogon, but you find out all that information via Google if you’re interested. Depth-of-field is ridiculous; at f/16 the entire range from 1m-∞ is in focus. I had to bend the rangefinder arm of my FED-2 upwards to clear the edge of the rear element’s housing but that’s a common issue. Mounts fine on my Zorki-4 with no modifications.

I’m not planning on taking it off the FED in a long time, very paranoid about scratching that ludicrously protruding rear element (photo stolen from the ebay auction).

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