Wooden Dowel Quadcopter Drone

I realised one evening that I had enough spare/unused electronics for another entire quad build, but no frame. So the following morning I went to the hardware store & bought a piece of 12mm square hardwood dowel & to make myself a frame the ‘old fashioned’ way.

This was my basic idea after laying the pieces out on the cutting mat measurements.

Motors & PDB in place, largely to square up the frame as it glued. Motors are Multistar 1704 1900kv from a HobbyKing kit; dodgy bearings & rather anemic, but they seem to work.

ESCs fit nicely between the body pieces! These are from my first ever quad build & are 12A SimonK models from an unknown manufacturer.

It was at this point that it actually started looking pretty decent!

FC is a venerable Naze32 rev5, while the receiver is an X8R. The green wire coming out the top of the X8R is the uninverted SBUS signal taken from the pad inside, because the rev5 can’t handle the inverted SBUS signal that the X8R normally puts out.

Added some ziptie landing gear so the thing wouldn’t be sitting on the XT60 connector then took it for a quick test flight…

And it flew surprisingly well!

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