FPV Flying (is super fun)

I’ve been out flying FPV a few times since I last posted about quads & today I feel as though I have been properly indoctrinated into the hobby – by having to fish one out of tree & finally (after 12 batteries!) properly breaking something!


The HobbyKing frame ended up with one of the little 25mW Quanum Elite combined cam/VTX units (which I’m pretty sure is the same as the one that Flite Test recently started stocking under the ‘Hyperion’ name) & served as my first ever FPV flight – which went far better than expected, which I attribute largely to learning rate mode in Liftoff/FPV Freerider using my Taranis before trying it IRL.


Ended up breaking the (poorly designed) landing gear & getting a bid muddy, but no other damage.


The ZMR has the FatShark cam & VTX on it (with some super professional ziptie landing gear).


I flew at the park at the end of my road first, which has the benefit of being literally 2 minutes walk away, but often has kids playing football or people playing fetch with their dogs. Doesn’t have much to fly around, either. Didn’t stop me hitting the one obstacle there is though ;)

Today, a lovely sunny Sunday afternoon, I packed up my bag (this one from HobbyKing, lots of pictures in this post on reddit’s multicopter sub) & walked to Hallow Hill.


I’d known about the place for years but never actually visited until today – turns out it’s a lovely location for fpv!


Soon had a game of ‘find the quad’.


And it wasn’t until the last battery that I actually had a breakage I couldn’t fix with the spares I’d brought with me! I might buy some of the thicker aftermarket ‘Thug’ arms to replace the stock ZMR ones with, because if I’ve already broken one it probably won’t be too long before I break more.

Then on the way home there were some pretty flowers along the Lade Braes :3






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