St Salvator’s Chapel gigapixel panorama part 3

We finally invested in a KRPano license at work, so now I can show off the gigapixel panoramas I’ve taken in their full resolution glory on the Web :)

Click the right most icon to go full screen, click & drag to move, scroll to zoom – I particularly recommend the stained glass windows, as hinted at in the previous post!

2 thoughts on “St Salvator’s Chapel gigapixel panorama part 3”

  1. Can you let me know what is the effect / trick you have used in this picture, where when I ‘scroll in’ using my mouse wheel the picture also zooms in / out ? and also how does the 3d perspective work as well ?


    1. If you take a look at some of the two previous posts I made about this shot you’ll find some explanation behind the process.

      Because the image was produced from so many relatively long focal length images, as opposed to fewer images at a shorter focal length, that allows you to zoom in without loosing quality. The krpano software allows it to be packaged up & placed on a website.

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