ZMR250 Rebuild

Spent the whole of Saturday watching Flite Test & rebuilding my ZMR250 that hadn’t even had its maiden outdoor flight.


New PDB to replace the cheap one the kit came with that didn’t actually have mounting holes that matched the ZMR’s. I had the old one ziptied straight to the frame without knowing that carbon fibre is electrically conductive… New one has built in BECs for 5v & 12v (the latter needs at least 4S).


I’ve never liked soldering pads.


New CC3D to replace the Atom which stopped talking to my computer. I never liked the old one anyway – no mounting holes, resorted to velco/zipties.


Making enough clearance for the CC3D’s USB socket over the PDB’s shielding means that the ESC cables are tight against the top layer of the frame, but I didn’t have any slimmer standoffs to go beneath the PDB.


I could’ve maybe shortened the ESC cables to keep things neater, but I’m only going to go & break it as soon as I fly it.


Cables on the 3S nano-techs are shorter than the 2S I originally bought, so it’s tighter than I’d like.


Much better than having the Atom velcro’d/zip tied onto the uninsulated PDB :3


Then I went to the park & flew 2x 1300mAh batteries without it disappearing into the sky never to be seen again & without it falling apart in mid air. I didn’t even break any props!


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