Klasse S Snapsh!ts

Another roll through the Klasse S, this time some cheap Kodak ColorPlus 200.


On the bus back from my latest trip to the Outer Hebrides, actually used the manual focus on the Klasse (which I thought I’d never use) to force infinity focus so the AF didn’t get confused by reflections off the glass. Can’t imagine I’ll ever use the MF control for anything else, as it’s so slow & fiddly, but the ability to force infinity is certainly handy.


Played around with the exposure comp dial for most of these due to the snow, not sure whether it did any good or whether the latitude in the film just handled it for me.


Also exploited having an aperture dial to force a large enough aperture to keep shutter speed high to reduce motion blur from the moving bus. Kinda liking having a few manual controls on what is otherwise an automatic point-&-shoot.




Crashed at Ruth’s in Glasgow on the way back, forgot to take my Narrative Clip with me on the trip so the traditional curry photos had to be shot on film instead :)


Back in St Andrews, undergraduates making their way back to town after the winter break. Ryo making a new friend in Aikmans discussing the latest lens he brought back from Akihabara for taking video on his EOS-M (some sort of zoom with VR).


200 ASA without flash was too slow indoors it seems, far too used to shooting Tri-X @ 1600 with the f/1.1 in this pub :3


Post Aikmans cheese buying. Very important business.



At Fiona’s place on her birthday, think most if not all of these were taken by her. Inb4 they’re better than anything I took >_>



This one perfectly demonstrates how much of my shooting ends up happening (that’s me in the photo).





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