St Salvator’s Chapel gigapixel panorama

Had the opportunity to shoot a equirectangular panorama (photosphere) in St Salvator’s chapel earlier this week.

DSC04248 Panorama patched s toned s 1920

This time we wanted to see if we could shoot with a longer lens & produce a higher resolution image, so the fisheye lens stayed at home.


Instead of combining 12 (36 with bracketing) 8mm images into a 98 megapixel panorama, this one combines 108 (324 with bracketing) 30mm images into a 1.151 gigapixel panorama. Each of the numbers you see in the image below represents a stack of 3 exposures.


Unfortunately it seems that 16GB RAM simply isn’t enough to process the full resolution image & progress grinds to a halt (or blue screen!) once the SSD scratch disk fills up, so the full version will have to wait until I can use a higher spec’d machine next week.

But for now you can look at the paltry 98 megapixel version via (double click when loaded to go fullscreen).

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