Freefly VR

I’d been wanting something more durable to carry around & demo some of the Cardboard stuff I’ve been working on & opted for the Freefly VR. It doesn’t include any Cardboard style input (either v1 magnet or v2 button) but I’m planning to get a Bluetooth remote & use it to trigger the same events as screen presses would. More thoughts on this headset in this thread on /r/GoogleCardboard, but in short I’m quite happy with it.

Obligatory bokeh.


Don’t need to remove my phone from its case, which is a big plus for me.



Initial setup with each new phone is a bit of a hassle, with having to move & tighten the thumbscrews, but once you’re over that hurdle it’s very quick & simple to load/unload.



Apologies for fingerprints >.< DSC04114

Even space for a thicker phone/case combo.


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