North Uist Panoramas – Caravat Barp

This wasn’t a particularly impressive site as Caravat barp is quite a low one that was also rather overgrown, but I tried a few different positions nonetheless. Click on the Roundme images to load the panoramas so that you can drag them around, double click once they’ve loaded to go fullscreen.

This one is from the top, so look down to see the stones of the barp around you.

21 Caravat Barp (chambered cairn at Carinish)

This was some sort of wall/remnant of a structure to one side of the barp.

22 Caravat Barp (chambered cairn at Carinish)

And here I was just drawn to the nice moss over the stones.

24 Caravat Barp (chambered cairn at Carinish)

If you click this Roundme image it will load the space & let you click between the 3x different panoramas & drag them with your mouse/finger to look around. Once it’s loaded you can double click to go fullscreen (highly recommended).

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