North Uist Panoramas – Barpa Nam Feannag

As seen in this post where I ran over the PTGui process, these are from Barpa Nam Feannag. This site is a little less well known to tourists, as it’s about an hour’s walk from the nearest road & it isn’t signposted with a footpath or anything. Plenty of sheep along the way to keep you company though.

I took this first one from a nice large flat rock when I first laid eyes on the cairn, partly to show its situation in the wider landscape & partly to give my legs a rest. You can see the cairn to the left of the big body of water.

15 Barpa Nam Feannag (chambered cairn at Ahmor) (from far away)

This one is pretty much the whole project’s money shot, really pleased with how well it came out. It prints quite nicely as well.

16 Barpa Nam Feannag (chambered cairn at Ahmor) (at barp)

One from the base of the stones.

17 Barpa Nam Feannag (chambered cairn at Ahmor) (at base of stones)

And one from the side to show the length of the cairn (it’s classified as a ‘long’ cairn for reasons that should now be fairly evident).

18 Barpa Nam Feannag (chambered cairn at Ahmor) (from side)

If you click this Roundme image it will load the space & let you click between the 4x different panoramas & drag them with your mouse/finger to look around. Once it’s loaded you can double click to go fullscreen (highly recommended).

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