Kinnesburn Flooding, November ’09

Going back a few months now, a few days of torrential rain resulted in the Kinnessburn river, which runs not far from my flat, flooding in quite spectacular fashion. Almost impossible situation to photograph though, as it was extremely dark, raining & very hard to get close without getting rather wet feet!

Here I am using a 12 watt LED torch to try to show how high the water level is compared to the bridge – it’s usually about 6 feet beneath the bridge!

Trying to get artsy, didn’t really work.

Upstream side of the bridge, lovely collection of flotsam collecting where the water has risen too high.

Hideously exposed photograph, but gets the point across.

This gent with the umbrella hung about on the opposite bank for a while, but I couldn’t get into a good position to get a nice silhouette without sacrificing the dryness of my socks.

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