Pitlochry 2010 – Panoramas

Some quick photomerges from Celticsoc’s 2010 trip to Pitlochry. I haven’t bothered altering the levels on any of the individual photos before the merges, as I wanted to try & get them up quickly. (Edit: 6 months is quickly, right?) Click for bigger versions. The one above was actually from the 2009 trip, but I don’t have an entry for that so I thought I’d put it here too – scroll down to the bottom to see the 2010 version, though the weather wasn’t so good for that particular shot.

Walking the longer route from Moulin back to Pitlochry.

In stark contrast to last year, there was ice all about.

Down by the loch. The branches at the top sort of ruined this one, but I didn’t notice at the time. Fairly noticable chromatic aberration of the branches against the sky, but I probably had the apeture set to auto instead of stopping down like a sensible person. Possibly a candidate for content-aware fill.

Don’t think we went past this bit last year. Still ice floating out on the loch in places.

Looking back from the dam. Took one looking the other way toward Ben Y Vrackie last year that I’ll dig up some time.

This year’s version of the photo at the top of the page. The light wasn’t quite as nice this year, but I couldn’t really control that!

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