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I recently discovered that in addition to their quite pricey ‘photo books’, Blurb also let you make substantially cheaper ‘trade books’. I found a few blog posts from people who had used the trade book service as a cheaper alternative to the photo book service & seemed happy with the results, so I threw together a bunch of pics in Adobe InDesign using Blurb’s template for the smallest trade book size & this is the result.

The quality is actually pretty nice. I’ve never been particularly impressed by the quality of Blurb’s photo books (I own several) considering their price, but the quality of these trade books is pretty good for their price. This one is 84 pages & came out at £9.11 before postage, which is really the only issue – you end up paying £6.99 postage unless you find a valid coupon via Google.

These are all film snaps from the past couple of years, a mix of 35mm & 120, all scanned on the V600. I should’ve included some more colour shots, but evidently I haven’t shot much colour film in recent years!









4 thoughts on “Blurb Trade Books”

  1. This was very helpful. I’m currently evaluating their trade book option for a B&W photo book project I’m doing in 2017. I only wish they had a few square trade book options. It’s great to an actual example of the product demonstrated via video. Thanks.

    1. Yup, I wish Blurb had some more shapes/sizes available for the trade book option – I worked on a panorama project a while back & Blurb simply didn’t have a suitable format, so I opted for epubli instead (which also had the advantage of more agreeable postage for a UK based customer!).

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