Live Bands in the Union

This was sometime last month, but I didn’t have any time to go through the photos & upload before now. I went along to see one of the bands that I like sound check, turned out they had canceled & I somehow ended up staying for the entire night… These were all shot on the 50mm f1.7 without flash, making great use of the vertical grip – really transforms the handling of the camera. My Etymotic ER20 came in very handy too, as with them in I could stand right up against the speakers to the sides of the stage to get a good angle on the musicians without risking a splitting headache or ruining my hearing.


Played around with a few senstivities but stuck to 800 for most of them – anything higher wouldn’t necessarily get too noisy, but wouldn’t capture the lights in a very realistic fashion.


The depth of field at 1.7 is so small I ended up with loads like this – instrument is in focus, but his face isn’t!


Everybody loves silly motions to go with the song!


Pity the colour of the guitar never came out quite right.


Got really lucky for this one, the spotlight pointed at him just happenned to come on at the right moment. Love the way the microphone stand is leaning at the same angle too.


The mic stands were a big annoyance for the most part though, as they would consistently get in the way of the shots, but there’s not really much to be done about that! This two in particular are rubbish, but fun just to see them hung in the air like that.



The harp was beautiful, but it was impossible to get a good shot of the harpist because she was ‘behind’ the harp – I couldn’t have gotten a nice shot of her from the right without climbing up on the stage.


Tried to get the guitarist through the strings of the harp, but could’ve done with closing down the apeture or focussing on further away.


This was about the only time I actually saw her face above the thing!


The t-shirt read “sex drugs & sausage rolls”.


Not a very good one, but proof that there were bagpipes :)


Full on fiddle solo~


Another gratuitous harp shot to end.


Not massively happy with most of what I took, still got a lot to learn about the new body, particularly with the old manual lenses. Still, practice makes perfect right?

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