Musfund’s Handmade Music Night

(Expect a proper update about my recently acquired new equipment sometime soon, but want to get this & a few others out the way first otherwise I’ll never get them done!)

Went along to Musfund’s Sunday night event last week, Handmade Music, with the Pentax K20D+D-BG2 & the 50mm f1.7 M. The vertical grip makes portrait shots an awful lot easier, but the manual focusing was a bit hit & miss. Much harder to focus without a split image & because I was shooting wide open at f1.7 with very shallow depth of field I ended up with a lot of blurry shots as the performers moved back & forth.


Most of these were shot with a sensitivity of 800, but I played about a bit & the one beneath was done at 3200 & then put through Noise Ninja. Didn’t really make much of a difference as the focus was still out, but it altered the white balance somewhat.


A bit easier to focus when they were sitting down & not stepping back from the microphone all the time!


Framed this completely wrong with the lighting & the focus assist got confused, lockeding on to the piano in the foreground rather than the performer, but it would be rude to put up a picutre of all the others & omit this guy!


Still getting used to this whole white balance thing, never had that to tweak with film!




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