Bell Pettigrew Museum gigapixel panorama – Skyward

A couple of months ago I shot my second gigapixel panorama, inside the Bell Pettigrew museum in St Andrews, for the Skyward exhibition of Kit Martin’s wonderful cyanotypes that opened tonight at the university’s Gateway Galleries. Visitors to the gallery can use a wireless controller to look around & zoom in to the pano.

View it in its full resolution glory beneath – click the right most icon to go full screen, click & drag to move, scroll to zoom.

St Salvator’s Chapel gigapixel panorama part 3

We finally invested in a KRPano license at work, so now I can show off the gigapixel panoramas I’ve taken in their full resolution glory on the Web :)

Click the right most icon to go full screen, click & drag to move, scroll to zoom – I particularly recommend the stained glass windows, as hinted at in the previous post!

HobbyKing ‘Spec FPV250’ Build

After some simulator time in Liftoff & FPV Freerider using my Taranis, learning how to fly rate mode, I bought a Fat Shark FPV setup to go on my ZMR. I figured having a second frame with no FPV gear on would be nice, so I could be reckless without worrying about breaking the VTX or whatever, so I grabbed the cheap ‘Spec FPV250’ kit from HobbyKing.


I was attracted by how simple the kit looked, what with the (almost) one-piece frame & bullet connectors on everything. But the design of the frame, which has almost no ‘internal’ space, meant that it was actually a bit of a pain to build while trying to keep components safe from crash damage.


The receiver’s antennas were a particular problem. Ideally they should be vertical, but I couldn’t think of any way to mount them vertically where they wouldn’t be at risk of damage (mainly from being pushed into the props) in a crash. In the end I resorted to mounting them horizontally along the rear arms, which isn’t ideal when it comes to maximizing reception, however as this is going to be a purely LOS frame I don’t imagine I will ever fly it far enough for this to be an issue.


Still going to do a range test before I fly it though! Hoping for some dry weather (& free time…) this weekend so I can go maiden it in the park :)


St Andrews RAG Week 2016 – Catwalk

Hadn’t planned to take any photos of the actual show – if I had I wouldn’t have been stuck shooting 50mm f/1.1 @ ISO 3200 with no flash… But hey, worth a try!


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