Outer Hebrides, 2016 edition

I’m off to the Outer Hebrides again tomorrow, to do both photo & audio work, which unfortunately involves carrying quite a bit of equipment… Picked up the wheeled Peli 1510 to try to make it less painful, but the tripod is probably the worst bit. Really need to finally get round to some driving lessons when I get back!


For anybody googling the odd combination of terms, I can confirm that the ZED-10 does not fit in the 1510 with the dividers in.


PTGui Workflow

Another little PTGui workflow video, this one about 2 hours sped up to under 5 minutes.

Lochmaddy Hospital

Whilst I was living on North Uist last summer I totally didn’t pay a visit to the abandoned hospital, that happened to be literally half a mile away from where I was staying, to take a bunch of grainy snapsh!ts. Somebody had evidently been there before & broken in, so access was easy.


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