St Andrews Freshers’ Week 2015 [2/2]

Some random shots from throughout the week. For the most part I was taking video, which one day I will put together into some sort of light-hearted documentary. Not sure if it was me or Ryo that took this first one.


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St Andrews Freshers’ Week 2015 [1/2]

Finally started going through photos from Freshers’ Week this year (not touched the 70GB of video yet…) & had some fun with these shots of the stage one night.


(Click for 1920.)

Pulsar ChromaStrip (lightweight plastic LED strips) in the vertical columns at the back, LED par cans shining down onto the arch at the front. We used spirals of clear & white balloons, but in hindsight we realised that just white probably would’ve looked better. Something to try next time!

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Fake Tri-X Snapsh!ts

Decided to finally cave in & see what all the fuss around VSCO was about. These are the Tri-X+2 setting on a6000 raws with the 50mm f/1.1 & honestly at first glance they look very believable compared to real Tri-X @ 1600 with the same lens on my Bessa. Maybe a bit too consistent for my liking though – no opportunity for different results depending on the age of the chemistry, how much attention I’m paying to the timing, etc…!



Freefly VR

I’d been wanting something more durable to carry around & demo some of the Cardboard stuff I’ve been working on & opted for the Freefly VR. It doesn’t include any Cardboard style input (either v1 magnet or v2 button) but I’m planning to get a Bluetooth remote & use it to trigger the same events as screen presses would. More thoughts on this headset in this thread on /r/GoogleCardboard, but in short I’m quite happy with it.

Obligatory bokeh.


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