Available light portraits w/ RB67

Despite knowing next-to-nothing about portraiture, my girlfriend wanted me to shoot some of her & I wasn’t about to turn down the offer. Very pleased with how they came out & the crazy skin detail the huge 6x7cm negs captured (click for full size & view 1:1)!






Narrative Clip – Week 1

The Narrative Clip is a small, wearable ‘lifelogging’ camera. You attach it to your clothes or wear it on a necklace & it takes a photo every 30 seconds & tags it with your location using GPS. At the end of the day you connect the Clip to your computer & it uploads the photos to Narrative’s cloud. The blurry/badly exposed photos are weeded out & the good ones are organised into ‘moments’ depending upon location, subject matter, etc. These moments are sent to the Narrative app on your smartphone, where you can flick through them & share any you like via social networks, email, blogs, etc.

I’d been following the project since their original Kickstarter back in 2012 when they were called Memoto, but I didn’t actually bite the bullet & order one until early 2014. It arrived last week & here are some photos & remarks about my experience with the Clip so far.


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