St Andrews Freshers’ Week 2012 Balloon Drop

Something a little bit different, a still & video that I took of the balloon drop during the Friday night disco of Freshers’ Week at St Andrews this year.

Taken with the NEX 5N with the 16mm & IIRC set to 1600 ISO. Remember to choose 1080 from the YouTube menu if you want it ;)

Colour film in black & white chemicals

I usually leave such things to the hipsters, but instead of paying £10+ to have developed the 3x exposed rolls of colour negative film that resulted from handing a Mju II to friends in the pub one night I figured I would dunk them in Ilfotec HC & see what happened. Possibly the shoddiest dev job I’ve done so far, but I wasn’t exactly expecting great results so didn’t bother being too careful not to touch the emulsion & just guessed at ‘about 4-6 minutes’. All things considered the results weren’t dreadful!

Some of them came out with prominent blue tints (easily addressed in Lightroom) but as it was only some of them & not entire rolls I suspect the scanner or scanning software got confused on some frames & was the cause.

You can decide for yourself why he’s holding a boxed light bulb over his head.

At one point I apparently let a(n inebriated) friend use my NEX 5N + Zeiss Biogon 2/35 ZM, which in hindsight probably wasn’t the best idea even though it was insured!

Turned out that one of the rolls also had some truly hipsterific shots taken with an APS-C 18-55mm kitlens on a 35mm body. Vignetting is insta-art, right?