Rag Week 2010, St Andrews’ Got Talent

This is going to be a long post, so apologies for loading times.

12th – 20th February 2010 saw Rag (Raising & Giving) Week return for another highly successful year & amongst the events this year was St Andrews’ very own version of Britain’s Got Talent. Acts ranged from singer-songwriters to dance groups, bands, beat boxers & even a magician. There was a seated audience, so I couldn’t get up close to the stage with a fast prime, so instead I sat to the side with a 135mm f2.8 & turned the sensitivity up a bit.

Singer songwriter to kick the night off.

This is the second time there has been a harpist & I’ve been on the wrong side to get a good photo!

If the competition was judged on trousers, these guys definitely would’ve won.

Some dancing to mix things up.

One of 2 acts that a certain Luke Hodgman performed in.

The magician was rather impressive.

He produced some twenty odd umbrellas from somewhere.

And covered the stage in confetti!

A rather well-practiced band up next.

The fancy-pants band back again, as their microphones weren’t working properly the first time round.

Drum kit abuse at its best.

This guy had one seriously impressive voice.

Scotland’s under 18 beat box champion.

Finally, the Rocksoc band!

Sash doing what he does best.

Then busting out a solo.

Some American rapper who needs to buy a belt.

And his beat box accompaniment.

This guy was certainly brave.

And the audience loved it!

I think these guys were the overall winners, but can’t remember for definite.

Rather cheerful looking pianist/singer.

One last acoustic cover to finish the night.

Kinnesburn Flooding, November ’09

Going back a few months now, a few days of torrential rain resulted in the Kinnessburn river, which runs not far from my flat, flooding in quite spectacular fashion. Almost impossible situation to photograph though, as it was extremely dark, raining & very hard to get close without getting rather wet feet!

Here I am using a 12 watt LED torch to try to show how high the water level is compared to the bridge – it’s usually about 6 feet beneath the bridge!

Trying to get artsy, didn’t really work.

Upstream side of the bridge, lovely collection of flotsam collecting where the water has risen too high.

Hideously exposed photograph, but gets the point across.

This gent with the umbrella hung about on the opposite bank for a while, but I couldn’t get into a good position to get a nice silhouette without sacrificing the dryness of my socks.