Fake Tri-X Snapsh!ts

Decided to finally cave in & see what all the fuss around VSCO was about. These are the Tri-X+2 setting on a6000 raws with the 50mm f/1.1 & honestly at first glance they look very believable compared to real Tri-X @ 1600 with the same lens on my Bessa. Maybe a bit too consistent for my liking though – no opportunity for different results depending on the age of the chemistry, how much attention I’m paying to the timing, etc…!



Freefly VR

I’d been wanting something more durable to carry around & demo some of the Cardboard stuff I’ve been working on & opted for the Freefly VR. It doesn’t include any Cardboard style input (either v1 magnet or v2 button) but I’m planning to get a Bluetooth remote & use it to trigger the same events as screen presses would. More thoughts on this headset in this thread on /r/GoogleCardboard, but in short I’m quite happy with it.

Obligatory bokeh.


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Photogrammetry with a Lightbox

Another first for me, trying my hand at photogrammetry for some artefacts excavated from the Udal wheelhouses on North Uist. Setup was a cheap lightbox from Amazon, a pair of cheapy 125W 5400k lights one on each side (a third on top would’ve been great, but I didn’t have access to a suitable stand) & a cheapy LED panel on top of the camera. There’s a lazy susan underneath the paper so I could rotate each artefact without having to touch it. Haven’t had time to actually put the images through VisualSFM yet, but I think they came out okay.


I knew the angled head part of my tripod would come in handy one day :)


Many thanks to Beverley Ballin Smith for bringing the artefacts across & allowing me to photograph them, as well as to the Western Isles Council & the Crawford Archive.

CAM-in cotton wrist straps

I’ve never really been a fan of neck straps. With the exception of waist-level viewfinder cameras I never really find myself putting a neck strap around my neck & instead awkwardly wrap them around my wrist.

The entire time I used my NEX-5N I had the cheapy wrist strap from a Canon S95 (which got stolen) attached to it & that cheapy strap made the transition to my a6000. In the name of consumerism I decided I would try a nicer & comfier wrist strap so after a recommendation from IRC I ended up with one of the CAM-in cotton wrist straps.


I liked it enough to get one for the Bessa as well :)