Lochmaddy Hospital

Whilst I was living on North Uist last summer I totally didn’t pay a visit to the abandoned hospital, that happened to be literally half a mile away from where I was staying, to take a bunch of grainy snapsh!ts. Somebody had evidently been there before & broken in, so access was easy.


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Falkland Palace photospheres

I shot a whole bunch of photospheres around Falkland Palace earlier this month & am just getting around to working through them. Along with a dozen or so photospheres I took at Gladstone’s Land the following week, there’s a fair backlog for me to work through.

I had the idea earlier today to record the process, but unfortunately the actual photosphere was the less interesting of the two that I did today. Oh well, still fun to watch at 1600% speed!

Pictures under the link…

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DSCVR from I AM Cardboard

My DSCVR arrived from I AM Cardboard in HK the other day. It’s a plastic Cardboard viewer, but unlike other plastic viewers (Homido, Freefly, ColorCross, etc.) the DSCVR is actually a ‘certified’ Cardboard viewer because it sticks to Google’s design guidelines well enough.


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Narrative Clip – 2015 part 3

Okay, so only 3x Clip posts this year is pretty poor, but in my defence I did spend a substantial amount of time since the last post living on a remote island where I didn’t wear it, so…

Starting off halfway through the island stay, when I came back to the mainland for a friend’s wedding. Trying to pay a conference registration before the midnight deadline when the fees increased.


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