Ahmor Barp & Panorama Process

Yesterday I got taken out to another archaeological site, in the Ahmor area of North Uist, this one a ‘barp’ (a mound or cairn of stones) about an hour’s walk inland from the road. I don’t really know much about shooting landscapes, but since coming to North Uist & shooting these panoramas I’ve noticed that scattered clouds make for much more interesting images than either completely clear or completely overcast skies. It also helps the panorama software, as a large expanse of flat blue or grey doesn’t have any features for the software to pick up on & match between adjacent images. Yesterday was the perfect example of this & I’m really pleased with how the panorama I shot up next to the barp came out.

So how do we go from this bunch of images…


To this 360×150 eqirectangular panorama?


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Dun an Sticir

Some stills taken around Dun an Sticir, one of the many little island forts dotted around North Uist. One of the spherical panoramas, which I took from halfway along one of the stone causeways between the islands, actually makes for an interesting photo when viewed flat like this (with a bit of the sides cropped off).

DSC01469 Panorama smartblend edit ++ tonal contrast fine no sat 30 highlight crop

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Shooting Spherical Panoramas in the Outer Hebrides

Through a strange set of circumstances I am spending the best part of 3 months this summer (the time between submitting my PhD thesis & having the viva exam) living & working in the Outer Hebrides, specifically the isle of North Uist. I am working with Taigh Chearsabhagh, a museum/arts centre in Lochmaddy (the largest settlement on North Uist) to first of all produce spherical panoramas of archaeological sites around the island for part of an exhibition next year.


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GARIZ a6000 leather half case (XS-CHA6000BR)

I wanted something to provide a slightly taller grip on my new Sony a6000 & decided to give the GARIZ leather half case a try – they looked really nice from the photos, with the shiny metal base plate. This is an expensive case with a list price of ₩98,000 (£56/$89) so I ordered from a UK stockist that I could return it to if I didn’t like it, rather than ordering it from Korea.

To cut to the chase, I will be returning the case. While it is nice, it isn’t nice enough to warrant the price tag & in certain places the design is just plain awkward.


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